Ok, I Did It to Look Gaudy… But It Works - Maxime Dumas

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Ok, I Did It to Look Gaudy… But It Works

Ok, I Did It to Look Gaudy… But It Works - Maxime Dumas

I am a bachelor and darn proud of it. I am just 26 years old and have no intention on settling down anytime soon. I have a small home where I live just outside of Montreal, and it is perfect for me. Three bedrooms that give me a bedroom for myself, a game room, and a den. It is the ultimate bachelor pad.

Frequently, I entertain young ladies at my home. I am a young guy who is enjoying his early adulthood, and there is nothing better than to share my home with a beautiful woman for a night or two. 

My neighbors don’t like it at all. Many of them are married couples with kids, and they think it sets a bad example for kids in the neighborhood that I come home with so many different women. I am sorry that they don’t like it, but that is just the way it is.

What really irritates me is that they feel like they can tell me how I should live my life. Many moms have come to me telling me how “immoral” I look, and how I am setting “a bad example” for their children. If I am the example they are following that sounds like the parents are boring and lame to me, and they are looking for a guy who is cool like me.

The women always liked coming to my home, but they thought that it was a little too bland. They thought I needed to do something that really spices it up. I came to the idea that an awning in front of my home would really do it. That would not only make my home look really spiced up, but it was sure to irritate my neighbors as well.

I found a place that did awnings montreal and had then put over my front door and the windows in the front of the house. The women loved it. They felt like they were entering some really fancy place, and that was cool. I liked that they loved it so much. My neighbors hated it at first, saying it looked too “gaudy.” Of course it did, that is why I did it.

The funniest part is that a few of them began to think it was a good idea for their home as well and did the same thing. Now there are like six houses on my block where awnings are up over windows and doors. See, I am really cool, and they all know it.